WPJA Q2 2015 „Cake cutting”

Simple yet took advantage of the light to focus on the event; the bride and groom add drama to this performance. Lovely backlighting on a new technique for cutting cake. Link do nagrody WPJA Q2 2015 „Cake cutting”

WPJA Q2 2015 „Cake cutting” 7 miejsce

I love looking at photos. I am pleased at an astonishing array of styles but I must confess that I truly enjoy a simple moment photographed in a way that allows a moment to speak with little nudging via style orgimmick. As such, this image feels like (because only time can create one) a classic. Honestly, I would be able to identify this image at first sight as a marriage scene, a "first dance." That'show well a moment can tell a story without any "props". It's such a lovely image that could, hopefully, warm any heart as much as my own. Link do nagrody WPJA Q3 2014 „First dance”

WPJA Q3 2014 „First dance” 11 miejsce
WPJA Q3 2014 „First dance”

WPJA Q2 2014 „Shoe Details”

Good seeing on the part of the photographer as they capture "Game Over" on the bottom of the Groom's shoes. It's very easy to be caught up in the expression and other important moments in a wedding but these kinds of details are priceless. Link do nagrody WPJA Q2 2014 „Shoe Details”

WPJA Q2 2014 „Shoe Details” 11 miejsce

Link do nagrody WPJA Q2 2014 „Transportation”

WPJA Q2 2014 „Transportation” 19 miejsce
WPJA Q2 2014 „Transportation”

WPJA Q2 2013 „Details found”

Link do nagrody WPJA Q2 2013 „Details found”

WPJA Q2 2013 „Details found” 14 miejsce

Beautifully seen. The reflection is well placed among layers of faces. The look of awe adds even more power. Link do nagrody WPJA Q4 2010 „Getting ready”

WPJA Q4 2010 „Getting ready” 6 miejsce
WPJA Q4 2010 „Getting ready”

AGWPJA Q2 2014 „Other Vendors”

Judges Comment: The casual posture, the wardrobe, gear and background all work with the muted retro toning. Link do nagrody AGWPJA Q2 2014 „Other Vendors”

AGWPJA Q2 2014 „Other Vendors” 7 miejsce

Judges Comment: Great gesture and nice color and the reflections are a great compliment. Link do nagrody AGWPJA Q3 2013 „Reflections”

AGWPJA Q3 2013 „Reflections” 4 miejsce
AGWPJA Q3 2013 „Reflections”

AGWPJA Q2 2013 „Reception ambiance”

Link do nagrody AGWPJA Q2 2013 „Reception ambiance”

AGWPJA Q2 2013 „Reception ambiance” 18 miejsce

  1. Judges Comment: Very good angle and the repetitive lines of the veil create a very strong graphic image. Well done.
  2. Judges Comment: This was another image where the nails were a gift and the photographer saw the great color. The monochromatic image with that pop of red isreally nice. I liked the angle of this image as well.
Link do nagrody AGWPJA Q3 2011 „Gettingready”

AGWPJA Q3 2011 „Getting ready” 10 miejsce
AGWPJA Q3 2011 „Getting ready”

AGWPJA Q3 2015 “Fluid” 8 miejsce

"The splash works well and creates a sense of drama". Link do nagrody WGWPJA Q3 2015 "Fluid" Q3_AGWPJA_FLUID_8place

AGWPJA Q3 2015 “Fluid” 8 miejsce

20th place AGWPJA Q3 2015 "Lens Flare / Refraction" Link do nagrody AGWPJA Q3 2015 "Lens Flare / Refraction" Q3_AGWPJA_LENSFLARE_20place

AGWPJA Q3 2015 “Lens Flare / Refraction” 20 miejsce
AGWPJA Q3 2015 “Lens Flare / Refraction” 20 miejsce